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89' and beyond

Born and raised outta the Bronx, NYC. PJ grew up skateboarding and creating art based on his visions. As a Bronx native his passion for hip hop was a no brainer, he was drawn to quick lines and delivery of mcs. His keen ear to beats matches his thrill for skateboarding, a marriage that created an awesome talent within him. In the year 2010, PJ begin a journey that would set him on a path to contribute and create in the culture we call hip-hop.


Canvas of Words


From street art to comic lines, from freestyles to brand apparel. Evolution is a state of mind and a direction PJ continued to follow. A social media fan base of his photography and various art pieces assisted in the journey. Stories of his life and the experiences as aided PJ in creating some dope tracks, along with PaTience they both continue to establish the independent brand of ShrugLife.

CultureSL... Coming 2019

skateboarding, hip-hop, art, life

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Latest Single

Roll In Peace

Lyrics by PJ_

2018 G.a.M.e ENT