Who is PaTience?IamPaTience


Vision and Talent, Harlem native

Born and raised out of Harlem, NYC. PaTience started off drawing and designing which evolved into another form of art, music. Started the journey in the late 2000s freestyling with the homies and recognizing an appreciation for connecting to listeners through truth and energy. PaTience set out to create some of his own, started recording in 2011 to release his first independent project entitled "FAILURE" in 2013, displaying his development into the craft with tales of truth and connection with the listener. The following year 2014 “The R.O.E ep" was released, an experimental project which paved a way for PaTience to devleop his own identity through his delivery and concepts. In the time to follow 2014, PaTience along with his team continued to spread the culture of GMSL. PaTience latest project titled "IndieKid" is available now.


Art is life, a Misfit fitting in

Dreams do become reality, destiny does become truth. Always had a vision but need time to grow as a person to see it. I want to make dope music and incredible art and share it with the world. Stay yourself and motivated and the world will see your worth, that’s what I encourage.


Indiekid available now

Featuring Skateboard Graffiti Kids, Life and Juice. Also features collaborations with Lee Hurlz, and PJ_. www.iampatience.bandcamp.com

Latest Music video

Directed by Lee Hurlz(HippePandaFilms)


PaTience ft. Lee Hurlz

Latest Single

Without you


"walk with me" coming 2019

"indiekid" available