It all started with a dream and a freestyle

Started in 2010, a crew based outta NYC was formed off their love for hip-hop, graffiti, and skateboarding. It wasn’t too long before these brothers from Harlem and the Bronx, realized the talent within them through music, killer art work and skateboarding. Now the duo set out on a journey to establish their brand and connect with the world.


Music was a gift, Art was the talent

Take a journey with GMSL8489.

We have art, music and fashion to explore. Coming soon will be "CultureSL", an inside look into the life in times of what it means to live a ShrugLife and express yourself freely in what creative drive life has blessed you.


We are GMSL

  G.a.M.e ENT est.2001 [SHRUG_LIFE]. NYC est.2010

Much love and respect to all that have showed us support along the way whether checking out our various tracks, allowing us to perform on their stages and to our viewers that have supported our music videos and various content. Much more coming in 2019. Thank you.